AfriRoast Coffee Roasters

We source the finest coffee beans from coffee producing regions worldwide. Our roots, however, are in Africa. This is where we started and this is where our inspiration to be outstanding in the art of coffee roasting will always come from.

 We roast and supply quality coffee beans to the coffee industry and retail market.

We roast our own range of distinctive blends, specifically crafted to satisfy the preferred taste of discerning coffee lovers.

At the same time we offer our customers exclusivity and individuality. We are geared to roast according to their specific roast and blend preferences, based upon the personalized roast profiles that we create for them. We, furthermore, can supply the product in customized packaging in accordance with customers’ brand requirements and we have a tailored distribution service to deliver to their doorsteps.

If you’re looking for an accomplished, flexible and agile partner in your coffee supply chain, knock on our door. Although we’ll never rush when it comes to the art of coffee and the roasting of beans, this certainly changes when it comes to innovation and our service.

AfriRoast Coffee Roasters – masters in the art of coffee bean roasting … and even better when it comes to service delivery.